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Hey hru? Wrud? Is anyone watching the pregnancy pact cos I'm hella upset that I'm missing it :(

I'm on hour 6 of a 9 hrish drive from Vegas back to the San Francisco area.

Come talk to me and help make the last 3 hrs pass quickly.


I'm bored tired and really don't want to go to work. There is nothing fun about shelving books at a library as little indian and asian with the occasional white white kids run around screaming and crying an bumping into you. BUT ANY WAYS!!! My butt hurts from climbing that BIG ASS HILL to get to that KICK ASS wiccan shop..even though we found out that we took the long way to get there. The 2 hour train ride to frisco and the 2 hour walk from the station to the store was so worth it..blah blah la la..I hope that pendulum thing is right and I do get a boyfriend this summer =] ...I need money for clothes...only like 2 more weeks of school and I'm done (yay!!)....the end =]
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